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Why TattooWrap Is the Gold Standard for Tattoo Aftercare

By tattoowrap

January 1, 2024

the gold standard for tattoo aftercare…

Why TattooWrap Is the Gold Standard for Tattoo Aftercare


When it comes to achieving beautifully healed new tattoos, hydrocolloid dressings from tattoowrap represent the gold standard approach. With over 6 years of proven success Healing tattoos, TattooWrap continues to reset industry expectations through our advanced gel-forming technology and protective barrier products.

A Legacy of Effective Wound Healing

Since the 1980s, hydrocolloid dressings have delivered impressive results managing drainage and fluid from post-surgical and deep tissue wounds. Early adopters discovered hydrocolloid’s ability to absorb excess fluid, kept areas clean and allowed natural healing. Tattoo artists soon realized its benefits for new ink as well.

The Science Behind TattooWrap’s Dressings

At the core of TattooWrap’s innovative dressings are gel-forming polymers. When exposed to moisture from a fresh tattoo, the polymers uptake fluid to keep the skin clean and protected better than traditional alternatives. They also gently stretch without cracking as tattoos expand and contract during regeneration. This unmatched fluid management helps expedite the average closure time of 5-7 days.

More Than Just a Basic Bandage

Unlike thin, adhesive bandages that simply cover wounds, TattooWrap’s hydrocolloid utilizes its gel matrix to both absorb drainage and stimulate faster healing. The pliable gel also cushions tattoos from environmental irritants better than inferior options. With ingredients meeting medical-grade standards, our hydrocolloid has rightly earned its golden status.

Skin on Skin Protection and Comfortability

Have you ever tried healing a tattoo where the skin folds over and rests on itself? Skin on skin healing had never been easier. Allowing your tattoo to heal where folds of the body would normally cause problems. TattooWrap’s dressing forms an impermeable seal, shielding your tattoo from particles, friction from clothes and other typical irritants. Thanks to the gel forming polymers conforming to body contours without restricting mobility. Our waterproof barrier creates the ideal environment for cellular reproduction.


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