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TattooWrap brand, Green Soap Foam & Foam Soap Wash, available now!

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April 10, 2023

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TattooWrap’s New Foam Soap line

 Invest in the best tattoo aftercare products with Tattoo Wrap's Foam Soap Wash and Green Soap Foam. All-natural and ethically sourced for tattoo care.

Meet Tattoo Wrap Brand’s New Line of Tattoo Foam Soap Aftercare!

Are you a tattoo artist or aficionado seeking the best-in-class tattoo care solution? Look no further than Tattoo Wrap's latest lineup of foam soap aftercare products. Our brand-new additions to the Tattoo Wrap family of products are specifically designed to help heal, and protect new tattoos on the skin.

Unlike many other tattoo aftercare solutions, our foams are all-natural. Safe on the skin, and include only ethically sourced ingredients. 

That means you'll experience comfort and relief without the worry of any harsh chemicals on your skin. Plus, your new ink will stay looking fresh and healthy for longer!

The Best in Aftercare: Foam Soap Wash

Tattoo Wrap's Foam Soap Wash, is a premium foam soap specifically designed to wash and hydrate your skin and tattoos. Made with all-natural ingredients. Including organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, and rosemary extract. This water-based foam soap helps to keep your skin hydrated and free of irritants.

It helps protect your tattoos and keep them free of germs and debris, allowing your tattoos to heal faster and brighter. Plus, it works for old and new ink alike. Helping to keep your existing tattoos looking vibrant and sharp. And it’s unscented,so no unwanted smells!

Green Soap Foam

Locally made right here in the US. We're proud to offer our premium Green Soap Foam - made with the highest quality ingredients you've come to expect for the aftercare of your tattoo. Green soap has been the industry standard for cleaning tattoos and preparing skin in tattoo shops for decades. 

Now, you can bring the quality and fragrance of the tattoo shop home with our Green Soap Foam! Our Green Soap Foam has been designed to clean and prep the skin and remove blood and proteins left over after application.

With a natural scent, this foam soap is gentle enough for everyday use - so you can keep your tattoos looking sharp with minimal effort. Plus, with its natural ingredients, you can trust that it won't irritate or dry out your skin. A carefully-mixed combination of water, lavender oil, ethyl alcohol, and glycerin ensures your skin stays healthy and hydrated while you look your best.

That's it! None of these strange, hard-to-pronounce chemicals. At Tattoo Wrap, we understand the importance of keeping your skin looking and feeling its best – so only the best ingredients are good enough.

Why Invest In Tattoo Wrap Brand Foam Soaps For Your Tattoos?

When you get a tattoo, would you pick just any artist or shop to do the work? Of course not. You want the best! An experienced and talented artist will ensure your tattoo looks it's absolute best. The same goes for your aftercare solution.

Tattoo Wrap's Green Soap Foam is made with love, care, and attention to detail by a small business out of Aloha, Oregon. We pride ourselves on bringing quality premium products designed to help keep your tattoos looking amazing. Our all-natural tattoo cleaning soap helps nourish the skin while protecting your ink from damage.

Plus, the foam is incredibly easy to use – simply pump the foam soap onto your skin, massage the foam onto the skin's surface, and rinse with warm water. With our unique formula, you can protect and preserve your tattoo throughout the healing process!

1. All-natural and skin-safe ingredients: Our soap foams are made with only ethically-sourced ingredients. That means no harsh chemicals on your skin - and faster healing!

2. Easy to use: No need for any special instructions here – pump, massage gently onto the skin, and rinse with water.

3. Naturally Scented: Our Green Soap Foam has a natural scent with a hint of lavender, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant odors as you use it. And our foam soap wash is unscented - giving you both options!

4. Quality Guaranteed: We take pride in the quality of our products, so you can trust that our foam soap products will deliver on their promise and help keep your tattoos looking their best!

Trust Only The Best For Your Ink

Whether you are a tattoo professional or looking to add to your ink collection, trust only the best products for your aftercare needs. Tattoo Wrap's Foam Soap Wash and Green Soap Foam are all-natural and specially formulated to help tattoos heal faster and look better for longer. With no nasty chemicals or unpleasant smells!

Shop online today to see the full lineup of Tattoo Wrap products, and buy the best for your tattoos today!

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