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How would you cover up your tattoo

 June 8, 2020

By  Shoeb Mohammad

Let's say you had spent a couple of hundred bucks for the very first experimental tattoo, perhaps you were not completely sure what you wanted to have, or maybe you couldn't express well to the artist what story your ink shall tell to the world. You are not alone, research shows 9 out of 100 inked people use coverup tattoos.

What is a cover-up tattoo job? You can imagine this as a painter's painting over the same canvas, only the canvas is your skin and the painter is your preferred tattoo artist, coverup depends highly on the artist whom you have chosen, there are a handful of talented inkers out there who does a splendid job covering up your 'regret' so to speak.


Selecting an ideal cover-up tattoo artist is extremely easy, most of the talented artists do have an Instagram profile if not some sort of social channel where they would show off 'before', 'after' side by side photo collage. Some artists prefer not to share cover-up jobs but they would still open for doing one, in that case, you have to contact the artist to discuss in brief about your core requirement.

Now that you have found the designer, inside the studio expect to have some common conversation pattern from the artist, firstly, the artist would suggest about the size, an increment or scaling up is favorable for both you and the artist, most of the time your first tattoo is small or medium in size, to cover this up there needs a bigger real estate especially if you have inked on your limbs. The bigger tattoo can cover up tiny parts from the previous design and can interpolate an even better story, however, this will require you to be mindful of extra sessions in another word extra moolah to allocate.

Your concept is the next item on the menu of discussion, most of the amateur tattoo cats would not be clear about what they exactly want to cover the old one with, in this case, the artist's imagination is not what you should solely rely on, be sure what you want, not in terms of layout or position of the tattoo, instead what should be included as a concept, most great tattoo artist would send you digital version in your inbox for approval, but you have to help them with your concept as well.

For selecting colors, you may leave that to the artist as they would love to surprise you with the final result. If the tattoo which you want to cover up was made in black & grey this would give the benefit for your artist to utilize colored version for the cover-up tattoo, if you have a tattoo which already has colors and is extremely hard to cover up considers 'blacked out' style, it will be ultimately cover that part and renew that section with your artists' masterplan.

Expect a few brief sessions for covering up your tattoo, firstly scaling up your tattoo needs more work hence more session and secondly, sometimes the artist might take one or two sessions only to work on the covering part when on the following session the artist would touch up the untouched part, typically in the late stage, the session number shortens as the challenge of any tattoo cover-up job. You should consider a cover-up on a tattoo to undertake at least 6 weeks from healing your initial design.

That wraps up this article what you should know about covering up your tattoo, so be adventurous and let your artist know what story you want your cover-up to tell the world.

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