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Guidance for tattooing during a pandemic

 June 8, 2020

By  Shoeb Mohammad

As we are in the middle of the pandemic, there needs some precautionary steps to follow as guidelines for all tattoo studio owners in the US.

CDC had suggested limiting the gathering in a place like a tattoo parlor within 10 people, which include the artist and additional staff. This is why it would be a great idea to place a notice, firing newsletters, and heads up to all the clients urging for cooperation. Very friendly and calm communication is the key as all the customers are valuable and should be treated equally for a session if you are busy during this time, a very good method would be to arrange a roaster schedule ensuring to provide service for all of your clients systemically. Another helpful idea is to consult clients over video calls so that both you and the customer would have the chance to save time inside the shop.


Pay special attention to your client's health, if there are any COVID symptoms are present, be kind, and advise to visiting back once they feel healthy, it might be common cold but still, the health of others should be considered. To avoid having sickly walking customers you can opt into appointment only via phone or video call where there will be scope for you to be sure your next customer has sound health.

Prevention is always better than cure, before opening up your shop, it is wise to clean up all your machinery, shelves, decorative items, and all. Focusing on high traffic area is a good idea, you can rearrange seating space spread across the room to ensure physical distancing. Sanitizing your equipment is a great way to reduce cross-contamination, coronaviruses are especially active on metal surfaces, however recent research has found the likelihood of being infected from an object is less than human to human contamination through droplets.


Maintain basic hygiene, wearing gloves, and a mask all the time is no brainer and is one of the fundamental guides for you to keep yourself and your customer safe from the spread. Wash your hand thoroughly after touching high traffic areas such as doorknobs, taps from bathrooms, faucets, phones, light switches, and cash registers. Offer fresh sets of gloves and mask to all of your customers to keep them safe as well. You can use alcohol pads to wipe down cellphone and laptop screens as they are also considered high traffic area in a tattoo parlor.

In the end, it is your life which you should value the most, and others will have the pleasant experience of your craft once they are also healthy, hence feel free to take a break if you feel under the weather, talk to a doctor or take a test to be sure, being cautious is being smart for this instance and the ultimate underlying guidance for retaining your business.

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