November 16


Clean your new Tattoo with us!

By tattoowrap

November 16, 2023

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Wash your new tattoos, How to, and tips!

Cleaning your new tattoo, How to, and what not to do.

  • How to clean a new tattoo. We know this may be your first tattoo experience and we are here to inform you, and let people know that there are many perspectives on how to clean a new tattoo. We will  talk about our recommendations and procedures.  Also we encourage people to do extra research, and hope you come to your own conclusion as to what will work best for you on how to clean your new tattoos.

  • First off we recommend cleaning your new tattoo using TattooWrap brand products. Because we ensure the quality of these products as premium and know that the results time and again will show excellent results with these products and we do not endorse any other products.

  • Make sure you leave the Tattoo dressing on for a couple of hours after the procedure is complete. Meaning, leave whatever the tattoo artist has applied to your tattoo. Allow your tattoo to finish expelling any excess blood, ink and proteins from the body before you clean your new tattoo for the first time.

  • Wash your hands with liquid, preferably foam soap thoroughly before proceeding to clean your new tattoo. Stop transmission of any virus, bacteria, dirt or debris  to your tattoo. Treat it as if it is an open wound, because it is one.

  • Remove the dressing from the tattoo. There are many dressings that may have been applied to your new tattoo from the artist. Plastic wrap and soaker pads are among the most common. Polyurethane films are used frequently and hydrocolloid dressings, both may be left on for up to seven days. So whether two hours or seven days, regardless of your dressing, you decide how long and when you should clean your tattoo. After you remove the dressing you need to wash immediately.

  • Clean your new tattoo. Gently clean the tattoo with liquid, preferably foam soap. Use your fingertips in gentle swirling motions under, suds and water. This will clean the skin and remove the excess blood, ink and proteins that have been expelled from the tattoo. Wash clothes, sponges, etc. may be used with great care as to not rip the skin. Use lukewarm water. Be careful as to not over clean your tattoo, we do not want to damage skin cells, so that they can regenerate faster. No more than 2-3 times per day for best results.

  •  As for drying your tattoo, we recommend air drying your tattoo for a few minutes, then you can apply a clean paper towel to blot off any excess moisture. Do not rub your tattoo, be careful as to not damage the skin. This will help ensure your tattoo heals faster.

  • After your tattoo is Clean and dry. We know that you may have been bombarded with a multitude of things to put on your tattoo. So many products are available, you can even re-cover your tattoo with a fresh hydrocolloid dressing, depending on your needs. If your tattoo is healing with touching skin on skin areas such as folds or even big open areas that are exposed to the elements, it may have a hard time healing and you may decide to recover these areas of concern with an approved tattoo cover, you should consult your artist in advance as to if you are going to do this. If not, you may decide to just leave it open and have no covering as most people do after washing for the first time. We would recommend not putting any product but soap and water on your tattoo for 2-3 days and letting your body heal itself. Then apply a thin layer of unscented lotion as needed. Not too much, water it down to get a good smooth coat without it being too thick.

  • A few other recommendations we have included without much detail:

  • Avoiding direct sunlight for appx 7-14 days depending on your skin sensitivity.

  • No soaking or bathing. Keep your tattoo out of hot tubs, swimming pools, jacuzzis, etc. for at least 2 weeks. 

  • keep your new tattoo away from pets.

  • Wearing loose clothing over your new tattoo.

  • Do not use petroleum products on your tattoo 

Follow these basic ideas for cleaning. Understand that your tattoo is an open wound, and that is healing.Take the time to follow these recommendations, and your new tattoo will heal up smoothly in no time. 


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