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Tattoo Wrap brand  

   Heal with Confidence!  

Tattoo Wrap Bandages
Check out our full line of Hydrocolloid rolls and patches.  Best for maximum comfort while healing  your Tattoos.
 Tattoo Wrap Soap
  • Foam Soap Wash 
  •  Green Soap Foam
  • Wash your tattoos with Confidence!
  •  Protect with Tattoo Wrap products
Tattoowrap Tattoo After Care Boxes

We live in a new world, time for new protection

TattooWrap's advanced technology,  with gel forming polymers portect your skin and tattoos.

 Absorbent material

TattooWrap is constructed with gel-forming polymers which locks in excess fluid from dripping out to heal your skin faster

icon of adhesive

Adhesive wrap

Adhesive wrap adheres to the skin and allows for faster healing and less scabbing, allowing your skin to heal itself.

waterproof icon

Waterproof protection

With waterpproof protection bathing and showering are safe. The protective barrier allows you to be active without worry about fluids, viruses, dust or debris getting on your new tattoo.

Give your tattoo the protection it deserves

Itching, chafing, and scabbing are normal to occur after getting tattooed, TattooWrap takes care of 'em all
TattooWrap Healing
Cut, peel & stick

Cut, peel & stick

TattooWrap makes it super easy for you to apply the adhesive, no mess, no fluff, no pain.

Made by Artists

Designed by artists, Tattoo Wrap is recommended as Advanced Tattoo Aftercare.

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Full believer in TATTOO WRAP! 

Kept mine on for 2 days and replaced with another wrap for an additional 2 days. I have never had a Tattoo heal so well, no scabbing at all. It made me a firm believer and supporter.

Eric Norm


This is by far the best post-tattoo cover I have ever used. 

This is by far the best post-tattoo cover I have ever used. As a nurse and a tattoo artist, I am very particular about how my clients cover and care for their tattoos. I do not like most other covers as they allow the fluid to sit on the skin and soak. This product absorbs any fluid and helps heal the tattoo quickly, while keeping it clean and safe from bumping, touching, particles, etc. I’ve used it three times on my tattoos and they have healed up so quickly and with far less discomfort. I now offer it to all of my clients. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Rodrigo Martin Duran


A great alternative to Saniderm

This works similar to Saniderm and other products but I like that it's slightly thicker it gives a little bit more of a barrier.

Douglas A Lamb