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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you need to know how  TattooWrap gives you the best healing experience, we hope you find your answers below.  We also value your opinion, hence please let us know through this link if you want your question listed here in the future.

 What is TattooWrap?

Is a hydrocolloid bandage designed for use on Tattoos and non-infected wounds. TattooWrap adheres to moist and dry skin surfaces. TattooWrap has an active surface treated with gel-forming polymers and adhesives. TattooWrap is opaque and flexible and adheres to the skin.

When in contact with excess fluid, the polymers absorb the fluid and swells, forming a gel which is confined within the gel material. absorbent and comfortable to wear. Tattoo Wrap will stay on for a prolonged period while allowing the body to heal itself without adding products that may inhibit healing time. Tattoo Wrap is adhesive and waterproof. Tattoo Wrap helps keep dirt and germs out. And minimizes the handling of new tattoos until they are fully healed.

 How long should I keep Tattoo Wrap on for? 

It is recommended to leave the first initial Wrap on for 8-24 hours if possible, but may be left on for up to 7 days.  It is also advised to rplace the wrap afer the first 24 hours with a new Wrap.  It is important to remove the wrap slowly as to not damage the tattoo.
* Importand, do not rip the wrap off, this may cause damage to your tattoo.

 How to replace/remove Tattoo Wrap?

After the first 8-24 hours it is now time to replace your Tattoo Wrap. It should look white and puffy above your tattoo. Slowly pull back from a corner and then up and over itself. Wash with warm soapy water. Blot dry and make sure the skin is especially dry around the tattoo perimeter before reapplication for proper Adhesion.
*Important: do not rip the wrap off your skin, you may damage your new tattoo! If excess gel is stuck to your skin you can use coconut oil to break down the gel and adhesive. Then wash with soap and water.

 Can I go swimming with tattoo wrap on?

Although waterproof, and normal showering is fine, any prolonged submerging of this product will cause it to become waterlogged and eventually fail. It is not advised to submerge your healing tattoos.

 What to do if you have an allergic reaction?

Even though Tattoo Wrap is latex-free and hypoallergenic. Some people may have the sensitivity to this product. It is advised to discontinue use if you are having any reaction to this product. If you are uncertain, it is best to test a sample patch at least 6 in away from the tattoo area for approximately 10 minutes, to determine if any reaction is likely.

 Other uses and benefits?

Although this is a Tattoo based product, We cannot deny the benefits of this product for healing skin and uninfected wound.  It can be used on all of your minor scrapes, cuts, pimples, and can even be used to cover skin and tattoos for protection from contact or abrasion while doing activities.